Firefighters battle ‘arson’ as gas cylinder explodes

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A GAS cylinder exploded in a garage risking the lives of firefighters tackling an arson, the service has warned.

Two appliances from Havant station went to the garage fire at Lockerley Road, Havant, near to Chichester House.

The garage and its contents was completely destroyed in the blaze.

But as the fire raged, one of two gas cylinders in the structure exploded.

‘There was at least two gas cylinders in the garage,’ crew manager Ben Holt said.

‘One of which exploded whilst we were fighting the fire.

‘It presented a danger to our firefighters by being hit by debris or injured by the explosion.’

He warned against setting fires deliberately, and added: ‘It puts both the firefighters and other members of the public at risk.’

It happened at around 8.45pm last night.