Firefighters call for vigilance after weekend barbecue fires

Barbecue debris on Southsea Common.' Picture: Ian Hargreaves
Barbecue debris on Southsea Common.' Picture: Ian Hargreaves
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FIRE stations across the region have told people to be extra careful after a number of fires caused by barbecues over the weekend.

Firefighters from Portsmouth and the surrounding area have been called to a number of fires caused by people not disposing of barbecues properly.

Southsea Fire Station attended three incidents on Southsea Common on Saturday alone.

A spokesman from the fire station said: ‘We had one bin fire and two barbecue fires.

‘People just need to make sure they properly extinguish and dispose of the barbecue correctly.

‘There are specific bins on Southsea Common that the council put there for people to use – these are wire bins which are non-flammable.

‘Don’t put the barbecues in or next to the normal bins, because they will catch fire – and don’t leave the barbecue unattended under any circumstances.’

Fareham Fire Station also attended an incident on Sunday, after a barbecue was left unattended next to a plastic bin.

A spokesman said: ‘The barbecue was up against a plastic bin and set it alight.

‘When people come to dispose of a barbecue they seem to leave it next to a bin – which can easily lead to a fire.

‘A good idea would be to always take some water with you to put them out once you’ve used them, because they can stay hot for a very long time.’