Firefighters deal with a series of bin blazes

Southsea firefighters save pet Chihuahuas from house blaze

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RESIDENTS in Havant and Waterlooville are being urged not to put their bins out at night after a spate of arson attacks.

Over the last month crews from Waterlooville, Cosham, and Havant have attended six separate incidents involving wheelie bins deliberately set alight.

Crew manager Rob Gargaro urged people to keep their bins secured, adding: ‘We have already had six reported fires in just a matter of days and although these fires may appear small, their effects spread much further. Apart from the inconvenience to homeowners who have to replace the bin, rubbish fires are a serious drain on the fire and rescue service, tying up resources that could be required for life-saving emergency response.’

Ian Gray, group manager for Havant and East Hampshire, added: ‘People often underestimate the damage that can be caused by a fire involving wheelie bins or refuse. Often the flames can set fire to a neighbouring fence or shed, and can be high enough to reach the soffit of a neighbouring building, catching the whole roof alight.’