Firefighters ‘disgusted’ after youths go on fire-setting spree in Gosport

Stanley Park in Gosport. Picture: Sarah Standing
Stanley Park in Gosport. Picture: Sarah Standing
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FIREFIGHTERS have had to tackle more than 20 fires in Gosport after a group of teenagers went on a fire-setting spree.

The crew in Gosport have responded to fires in Stanley Park which are reported to have been set by a group of approximately thirty teenagers aged between 15 and 18 years old.

A spokesman for Gosport Fire Station said: ‘We are disgusted that a group of youths are repeatedly setting fires by dragging pallets into the park.

‘They have also tried to set fire to gas cylinders which is extremely dangerous and will cause explosions. 

‘They can fly over 1500 feet and they can easily kill someone.’

Gosport Fire Station want to raise awareness of the incidents.

The spokesman continued: ‘Those children are wasting resources and if we are dealing with fires they set deliberately then we can’t be anywhere else.

‘It is unacceptable.’