Firefighters from Norway and US visit Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service

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FIREFIGHTERS and fire chiefs from around the world are flocking to the county to look at the innovative techniques and work carried out by Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service.

Crews from America have visited the area to learn about the diverse roles of the service ranging from work with Portsmouth Naval Base to the animal rescue team in Lyndhurst.

They also tried out wall-piercing ultra high-pressure lances and learned the Save approach – scan, attack, ventilate, enter and extinguish – devised on Hampshire’s drill yard.

Meanwhile fire bosses from Norway have also attended the Eastleigh headquarters.

Oslo chief officer Jon Myroldhaug said: ‘It was a short rewarding trip. I was particularly interested in looking at the innovative ways the service train and educate their firefighters.

‘We discussed the culture of the fire service and we will be looking to take what we have learned in Hampshire back to Norway.’

Black Butte fire department deputy chief Dave Phillips, from the US, added: ‘We had an amazing time on our exchange.

‘Operationally, I was impressed with the animal rescue programme, the academy and breathing apparatus training.’