Firefighters issue warning after chip pan causes blaze at family home in Portsmouth

A fire service demonstration of how a chip pan can catch light
A fire service demonstration of how a chip pan can catch light

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Firefighters have warned residents after a chip pan fire at a home.

Crews were called to deal with a fire after it took hold in a kitchen in Adames Road, Kingston, today at 4.45pm.

The chip pan had caught light and the fire spread when the occupant tried to put out the flames by putting it under the tap. The woman and her three children managed to get out of the house and call for help. They were initially alerted to the fire by a smoke detector.

Fire crews from Southsea fire station arrived at the terraced house and put out the fire by 5.15pm.

A spokesman from Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service said: ‘The family was alerted to the fire by a smoke alarm. They managed to get everyone out safely, but this just shows the importance of having working smoke alarms and highlights the dangers of using chip pans.’

He said there was minimal damage to the kitchen due to the family being alerted early to the fire.

The fire service say that if you have a chip pan fire, never use water or wet tea towels, pan lids or chopping boards. Instead leave the room, close the door behind you, leave the house, call 999 and remain outside and wait for help.