Firefighters knock down door to find student

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A drunk student had to be rescued by firefighters after locking herself in a toilet cubicle and passing out.

A crew from Southsea Fire Station had to knock down the toilet door after a friend of the student phoned emergency services for help.

The incident took place about 12.30am yesterday morning at James Watson Hall in White Swan Road, Portsmouth.

A spokesman from the fire station said the girl did not respond when firefighters initially knocked on the door.

After getting in the student was woken up and handed over to waiting ambulance paramedics.

He urged people to make sure they drink responsibly on nights out.

A South Central Ambulance Service spokesman confirmed the service received a call just after 12.45am.

A co-responder from Portchester arrived on scene first followed by an ambulance.

The student was treated and taken to the Queen Alexandra Hospital.