Firefighters rescue eight people stuck in lift at Portsmouth Civic Offices

Eight people were trapped in a lift at the civic offices in Portsmouth
Eight people were trapped in a lift at the civic offices in Portsmouth

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A LIFT got stuck in between floors at the Portsmouth Civic Offices last night, leaving eight people stranded for more than half an hour.

A spokesman from Southsea Fire Station said the lift system failed because it could not bear the weight of its passengers.

The spokesman said the lift stopped between the second and third floors about on 10pm on Monday.

‘We had to isolate the power to the lift and open the doors on the second and third floors, he said.

He said that the lift’s internal door could then be opened, allowing the eight people to climb out onto the second floor.

A Portsmouth City Council spokeswoman said: ‘The lift call system was working, a call from those in the lift was made to the on duty security officer and security officers called out the lift engineers who were on their way when one of the passengers in the lift also called the fire service.’

The spokeswoman said the lift could not have failed because it was overweight.

She said: If a lift is carrying too much weight, an alarm sounds when the last passenger gets in and the lift won’t move until the weight in the lift is reduced.

‘At this time, we don’t know what the fault was that caused the lift to stop and the lift is out of service until the problem is fixed.’