Firefighters stretcher patient down stairs

Portsmouth coastguard called to reports of a body near Chichester

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FIREFIGHTERS were called to assist the ambulance service in helping an injured elderly woman from her home following a bad fall.

The 96-year-old, of West Street, Fareham, called for an ambulance after dislocating her hip early yesterday morning.

But when paramedics arrived at her first floor flat they realised it was going to be difficult to get her down the external stairs on a stretcher and a crew from Fareham fire station was called in to help.

Watch manager Jim Stone said: ‘She was suffering from hip injuries and because of where the flat was we had to help the ambulance service get her down some quite tricky stairs on a stretcher.

‘But she was very well spirited, she did really well.’

The operation took about 45 minutes and the firefighters used a rope to lower the stretcher down the external stairs. The woman was taken to Queen Alexandra Hospital, Cosham. Mr Stone added: ‘It was raining but we took measures to protect the lady and she was happy.’

A spokesman for the ambulance service said: ‘We would like to express a vote of thanks to Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service who nobly assisted us with this patient.’