Firefighters teach leadership skills at Havant station

Students learn skills at Havant fire station
Students learn skills at Havant fire station
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BLINDFOLDED rescues and ladder climbs were among the activities as students enjoyed an action-packed day at a fire station.

Prefects from Warblington School visited Havant fire station as firefighters took time out from their normal duties to teach leadership skills.

The prefects, who are in Year 11, took part in various challenges at the Park Way station, including ladder climbs, rope pack rescues and blindfolded team rescues.

The aim of the activities was to encourage and build the students’ confidence, giving them skills in taking charge of a situation, working as part of a team, and practising communicating with each other.

Jane Fletcher, assistant headteacher of Warblington School, was pleased with how the day went.

She said: ‘These days are fantastic for our pupils.

‘They are put in situations where they need to rely on each other in unusual ways.

‘After these days we see them take a much more proactive approach with other year groups – being positive role models for them.’

The fire station holds a number of leadership days for schools each year.

Station manager David Hodge said: ‘We enjoy hosting these days for local schools – it helps us to feel a part of the community, using our experience and skills to benefit others.

‘While we have been working with the local schools over the last four years, we have seen a massive reduction in anti-social behaviour in the Havant area.

‘The students are not only learning that there can be consequences to actions but also how to be great role models for their peers.’