Firefighters’ warning about releasing sky lanterns during the festive celebrations

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WITH the festive season in full swing, firefighters are reminding people of the dangers posed by releasing Chinese lanterns.

In recent years Chinese lanterns have become an increasingly popular choice to mark celebrations like Christmas and New Year.

But West Sussex Fire and Rescue service says they can pose a fire risk to homes, animals and agriculture.

The lanterns are made of paper usually supported by a wire or bamboo frame and powered by a flaming fuel cell.

Jackie Boyle, community risk reduction officer, said: ‘Chinese lanterns are now used quite regularly at celebratory events, but people are often unaware that there are a number of different risks associated with them.

‘Once the lanterns have been released into the air there is no way of controlling where they go or any guarantee that they are fully extinguished when they land.

‘Our main concern is obviously the risk of a smouldering lantern sparking a serious fire and potentially putting people’s lives and properties in danger.

‘They are also extremely hazardous to livestock – if the lanterns fall in fields and are consumed by an animal the metal wires used in them can lodge in their throat and cause very serious injury.’

The coastguard has also raised concerns after rescue teams have been called out where lanterns have been mistaken for distress flares.

Mrs Boyle added: ‘If people are determined to use lanterns they should ensure they come with full safety and operating instructions and are 100 per cent biodegradable. Think carefully about where you release them – they should only be released in a clear open space avoiding farmland, buildings with thatched roofs or areas of woodland.’