Fireworks scared my dog to death

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A DOG owner has called for greater controls over fireworks after her beloved pet was literally scared to death by the loud bangs.

Laraine Taylor has always dreaded Bonfire Night because her little Yorkshire Terrier Jasmine got so frightened.

Every year, as soon as the blasts started, she would begin quivering and go off her food. This year, Mrs Taylor is devastated after Jasmine did not recover from the fright and died.

The pensioner, of Stakes Road, Purbrook, said: 'There were a lot of fireworks up here this year. The bangs terrified my 15-year-old Yorkshire Terrier.

'She was very small and every year she always goes to pieces. I really think something has to be done to protect our animals.'

She found Jasmine dead a few days after she stopped eating when she was terrified by the fireworks and thinks she literally died from fright.

'She started shaking,' she said. 'Her eyes would bulge out of her head and she would go off her food.

'She would practically pass out with fear. No matter how much we do to try to console her, or put the television up, it didn't help.

'I know she was old and 15 years was a good age but she wasn't ill. Before the fireworks she was fit, and eating well.

'In the past to escape the fireworks we have driven off somewhere with her to take her away from the noise but we couldn't find anywhere where fireworks weren't going off.'

She thinks there should be a way of keeping the noise from fireworks down.

She added: 'I enjoy watching fireworks myself. They are really pretty. But it's the noise. There needs to be a limit on the amount of noise.'

Now Mrs Taylor is focusing on keeping her remaining dog, Pepzee, happy, even though she has lost her friend.

Animal charities and campaign groups such as the RSPCA ask anyone using fireworks to be aware of the impact on pets.

They say animals become afraid as their hearing is more sensitive than human hearing.

Andy Foxcroft, chief officer for the RSPCA, said: 'The noise can result in animals bolting, hiding, shaking, becoming destructive, or whimpering.

'We urge people to attend an organised public display rather than holding their own. Organised displays are usually well publicised, which means that pet owners can prepare in advance.'