Firm criticises lack of consultation over pedestrian zone

FRUSTRATED Tarnia Simmons, the director of Bernards Estate Agents
FRUSTRATED Tarnia Simmons, the director of Bernards Estate Agents
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The problem we have got with the pedestrianisation of Palmerston Road is the lack of consultation that took place.

I don’t remember getting a consultation letter to say the council was planning to close part of it to traffic.

I only remember seeing a notice on a lamppost on Palmerston Road, but that’s it.

Palmerston Road is not working at all.

The staff here have to get to and from the office and with the restrictions that are now in place, it makes it harder getting around.

Cars and buses are still going down Palmerston Road, and there is now a lot of congestion on Clarendon Road.

It’s now the main thoroughfare for lorries and buses.

You can’t park anywhere in Southsea and it’s very difficult getting to the seafront now too what with the bollards now in place at the bottom of Lennox Road South.

You have got to go to the top end of Osborne Road or all the way down to Florence Road to get to the seafront.

Even if you accidentally end up in Palmerston Road’s pedestrian zone by mistake, you can’t turn into Villiers Road because that’s been blocked off.

Instead you’ve got to do an awkward three-point turn.

The two things the pedestrianisation has created is crime and congestion, which in this day and age isn’t good because those are the things we are trying to cut down on.

Palmerston Road has become the new Guildhall Walk. In a couple of years time, that is what it will end up like. It constantly looks a mess down there and it brings the area down.

Southsea is meant to be a nice little area with shops.