Firm fears van attacks are due to parking row

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A COMPANY boss says his vans are being targeted by vandals because of a dispute over parking.

David Jones, managing director of Triton Scuba and Watersports, said his vehicles have been scratched several times in recent weeks.

And just last week they had to drill the locks in the vans after they were filled with glue. Mr Jones believes his company is being targeted because of tensions in the area over parking in Highland Road, Southsea.

He has now launched a campaign to discover who is causing the damage. 'We have put up with silly little incidents before,' he said. 'But this time it has gone too far.

'It's only ever our vans which are targeted, other cars on the road are left alone, and I'm sure it is someone in the area who isn't happy with our vans.

'We've been accused before of parking in front of people's drives, but it isn't true. The whole thing is just ridiculous.'

Mr Jones has decided to put flyers through house doors in the area, asking for help catching the culprits. He said his business, which moved into larger premises in Highland Road last year and won Portsmouth's Best Small Business at The News's Business Awards, benefits the local area.

He said: 'I can understand that parking is an emotive issue in Portsmouth, but we are bringing jobs and business into an area which used to be rundown.'

Conservative councillor for Milton ward, Sarah Dinenage, said: 'Parking is a problem all over Portsmouth but particularly here.

'People with grievances should approach the council to find a way to resolve them.'

The glue incident took place between 3pm last Wednesday and midday on Thursday. Call police on 101 if you have any information.