Fish and chip shops’ patriotic fundraising

JOLLY George Mee and Jessica Nice at Westbourne
JOLLY George Mee and Jessica Nice at Westbourne
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IT doesn’t get much more traditionally English than a bag of fish and chips.

So people at Whistler’s Fine Fish & Chips – which has shops in Fareham, Hayling and Westbourne – decided to celebrate St Goerge’s Day in their own patriotic way.

Charging £1 for fish and chips, staff entertained the queues of people at the shops and asked for charity donations into a bucket.

The event held poignancy for Rana Denholm, 38, who is one of the owners of the firm.

Her family have decided to raise £10,000 for the Anthony Nolan charity, which helps people who need bone marrow transplants.

This year is the 10-year anniversary of the death of Mrs Denholm’s sister-in-law, Jacqueline Denholm, who died at the age of 27 from leukaemia.

Mrs Denholm said: ‘We wanted to mark the event and do something special.

‘She shaved her hair when she was going through treatment and was very active in trying to raise money.’

Mrs Denholm explained that her husband David gave his sister a bone marrow transplant, but it was not the match she needed.

‘We are promoting Anthony Nolan so people can get on the register,’ said Mrs Denholm.

‘All people need to do is spit into an envelope and then you are on the register.

‘You are potentially saving a life and it’s pretty amazing stuff.’

Mrs Denholm wanted to thank Jordan Mackinnon, a schoolboy from Hayling, who volunteered to collect money dressed as a shark. The event raised £376.