Flames lay waste to summer house in Fareham

The yacht being towed to Gosport. Credit: GAFIRS

Rescuers tow 44ft yacht to Gosport after fire and engine failure

  • Summer house at a property in Fareham Common is destroyed
  • Cause is unclear, but firefighters beleieve a nearby high-voltage cable was involved
  • No-one was hurt in the blaze
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A SUMMER house was destroyed by flames after an incident with a high-voltage cable hanging overhead nearby.

The blaze happened about 1am Saturday morning at a property at Dean Farm Cottages in Fareham Common, just off the M27 between the Wickham Road turnoff and St Francis Church.

The big danger for us is to make sure the power lines are off before we fight the fire

Jim Stone

Fareham Fire Station watch manager Jim Stone said the summer house had been ‘100 per cent’ destroyed.

Mr Stone said a large fir tree next to the summer house was also lit up by the fire, which made for a spectacular sight.

He said it was unclear exactly how the blaze broke out.

‘We don’t know for sure how it started,’ Mr Stone said.

‘The tree could have touched the cable.’

‘The tree on fire could be seen from quite far away.’

Mr Stone said the fire crew had to be sure the high-voltage lines had been switched off before they went in to fight the blaze to avoid further 
damage or injury.

He said: ‘The big danger for us is to make sure the power lines are off before we fight the fire.’

Mr Stone the occupants of the property were at home at the time, but no-one was hurt in the blaze.

He said the fire took about two hours to extinguish.