Flood alert for West Sussex homeowners

Lincolnshire Police warn about surface water.
Lincolnshire Police warn about surface water.
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The Environment Agency has issued a flood alert for Bosham and Chichester Harbour today.

High tide will be at 10.45am, when water is expected to flood Shore Road and Bosham High Street.

Properties around Chichester Harbour could also be affected.

The flood alert on the Environment Agency website, updated at 4:34pm on Monday, October 26, read: “At high tide water will flood Shore Road and minor flooding impacts are expected at Bosham High Street.

“Shoreside properties around Chichester Harbour could be affected.

“The time and date of high water is 10.45am on Tuesday, 27/10/2015.

“The total forecast high water is 2.53 metres above ordnance datum, which is the equivalent of 5.27 metres above chart datum.

“The local wind strength is Force 5 in a South Easterly direction.”

The alert means that flooding is possible and residents should be prepared.