Flood map to help county’s defences

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High flood risk areas will be shown on a map being compiled by Hampshire County Council.

It is putting together a picture of places in danger of flooding within its boundaries, so it can set out appropriate defences.

The council is working with district councils, emergency services, utility companies and the Environment Agency to plan to defend against floods caused by groundwater, rainfall, and overflowing ditches or streams.

Hampshire and other councils have new duties under the government’s Flood and Water Management Act, but no extra funding.

Councillor Mel Kendal, who’s responsible for environment issues, said: ‘We have to identify areas of potential flooding and establish what needs to be done to mitigate any risks. We’re putting together a map of identified areas, and would very much like to include Hampshire residents’ valuable local knowledge.’

The closing date to provide information is midnight on Friday, May 27.

Go to hants.gov.uk/roads/flooding or call 0845 603 5633.