Flooded roads and home in Portsmouth

FLOODING Cameron Gibbs, five, with his grandmother Karen Parker and her dad Brian Parker
FLOODING Cameron Gibbs, five, with his grandmother Karen Parker and her dad Brian Parker

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FLOODING has ruined a little boy’s chance to meet Santa.

Five-year-old Cameron Gibbs was supposed to go with his grandmother Karen Parker, 50, to Clarence Pier for breakfast with Santa.

But flooding at Karen’s home in Glencoe Road, Copnor, Portsmouth, meant the family were tied up and couldn’t take him.

He said: ‘It was flooded, we couldn’t go for breakfast.’

Karen added: ‘It is awful, underneath the floorboard there is six inches of water.

‘We were in the house when it happened.

‘I went to bed and at 1am I heard my partner on the phone to Colas to say all of the back was under water.

‘They came out and pumped us out.

‘My outside front room wall is wet through, it has come into the house.’

There will be some respite over Christmas Day and Boxing Day but heavy rain and wind is forecast for Thursday evening through to Friday.

Martin Lavers, Portsmouth City Council’s assistant head of service for transport and environment, said: ‘The weather caused a lot of problems overnight but they were dealt with swiftly and effectively and we’ve managed to minimise inconvenience to the public.

‘Colas have been working throughout the night to deal with various issues including 10 fallen trees and flooding on some major routes including Copnor Road.

‘All major problems were cleared early so the vast majority of residents won’t have had any impact on their day.

‘We’re very grateful to Colas for their hard work and also to the public for heeding our advice.’

In a statement, Colas said: ‘Colas have had call out teams out all night, including two duty officers, one duty manager and several operatives.

‘We have dealt with flooding issues at Glencoe Road and rising water at Station Road which is now stable. ‘There have been signals out across the city which our electrical team have been dealing with, as well as around 10 fallen trees which we have removed from the highway.

‘We have also dealt with falling garden walls and roof tiles which have all too been removed from the highway along with one large billboard at Cromwell Road.

‘All major issues have been dealt with across the city and we are continuing to monitor the situation and respond to issues as reported.

‘We have staff out around the city scouting for further issues.’