Flooding concerns are raised at homes exhibition

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CONCERNS about flooding and drainage were raised after new housing plans were revealed.

Around 35 residents attended the consultation to see proposals for 55 houses to be built on Nutbourne west land, near Emsworth.

The scheme is made up of a range of houses – from one-bed to four-bed units.

However, the majority of them will be two and three-bed homes aimed at first-time buyers.

A resident, who did not want to be named, said: ‘At the moment we look out on to fields where we can see nature and wildlife.

‘There is already a high water level in this area. I’m not sure how the sewers will cope with the extra houses.’

Edward Van Der Wee, director of Pallant Homes, said: ‘Questions about flooding concerns were raised by some of the attendees and our drainage consultant explained to them that the development will be designed to incorporate sustainable drainage.’