Fly-tippers anger owner of Southsea charity shop

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THE owner of a charity shop has expressed her anger after fly-tippers left furniture outside her shop.

Angela Foskett, owner of Care for Cats, in Highland Road, Southsea, woke up to find a sofa and mattress had been dumped by the entrance to charity shop.

She said: ‘I live above the shop but I saw that someone had left furniture right where I set up my outside tables.

‘My neighbour saw who did it so I wrote them a letter explaining that I wanted them to remove it but they haven’t.

‘I am so angry and I think it is awful that someone would do something like that.

‘I am not going to stand for it and I have rung the council to complain.

‘It’s not even like it is a small pile; it is a whole sofa and mattress.

‘It’s terrible.’