Fly-tippers leave mountain of waste – just outside a Waterlooville tip

Fly-tipping in Southwick
Fly-tipping in Southwick
  • Anger over fly-tipping in Waterlooville and Southwick
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FLY-Tippers have been condemned after dumping rubbish along the road to a tip.

Mountains of bags, rubble, plastic, and furniture are strewn across the grass next to the road leading to the household waste recycling centre, off Hambledon Road, Waterlooville.

And, in another shocking blight on the environment, a settee was dumped in idyllic countryside off Pitymoor Lane, near Southwick.

Jackie Forrest, from Cowplain, who took pictures of the fly-tipping near the tip, said: ‘It’s terrible.

‘It looks like tradespeople that are going along and just dumping it. It’s wrong.

‘It’s looks terrible and seems to be getting added to.’

Earlier this year Hampshire County Council, which runs recycling centres outside Portsmouth, reduced opening times by opening an hour later in the morning and closing an hour earlier.

The move aimed to save money.

But Ms Forrest added: ‘My opinion is that this has nothing to do with the opening times of the amenity tip.

‘This fly-tipped rubbish is trade and the tip is for household rubbish only – not trade.’

Rubbish dumped in Hambledon Road, Waterlooville

Rubbish dumped in Hambledon Road, Waterlooville

Ms Forrest was concerned the mess could include hazardous materials such as asbestos.

Adele Mallows, from Waterlooville, who took the photographs at Southwick, said: ‘It’s an absolute disgrace.’

Trade waste is not accepted at any household waste recycling centre, but there are designated tips across the area for commercial waste.

The maximum fine for fly-tipping is now £3m for companies and £95,000 for individuals.

Both incidents have been reported to the authorities. The Waterlooville fly-tipping is on land owned by housing developer Taylor Wimpey.

A spokesman said: ‘Regrettably we are experiencing occasional issues with fly-tipping on this land, which is located some distance away from our current development. We would ask for the support of members of the public in refraining from doing so in future.

‘We regularly monitor for fly-tipping and remove waste as required. We will shortly be installing a gate at the top of the approach road, preventing access to the area when the waste facility is closed.’