Flypast as part of the Fort Nelson Tattoo

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THERE will be an historic flypast as part of the Fort Nelson Tattoo.

The Royal Armouries is set to pay tribute to the role of Fareham, Portsmouth and the surrounding area in the lead-up to D-Day by staging the flypast.

The September 8 event is in support of three armed forces’ charities and the matinee performance will reach a climax with a flypast by a C-47 Dakota from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.

The Portsdown Hill museum’s director Peter Armstrong said: ‘It’s particularly fitting that the tattoo features a Second World War sequence because Fort Nelson supplied ammunition to the AA batteries that defended the south coast. These weapons gave the local civilian population hope and a sense of fighting back, as they endured the dark days of 1940 and 1941.’

The event will feature numerous musical performances as well as historical recreations and displays.

Adult tickets are from £18, family tickets from £46. For details visit or call 0113 220 1887.