Food scraps stop bin collection

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A householder has criticised a council after his recycling bin was left uncollected because it had scraps of food in it.

Russ Godfrey, from Westbourne, was staggered when binmen refused to take away his recycling when they saw other rubbish in there.

He said: ‘The bin is only 10 metres from the front door.

‘They could have lifted it out, or at least come to knock on the front door and let me know so I could do it. They just put a red label on the bin and said they wouldn’t empty it.

‘I’ve given the binmen a tip every Christmas for 25 years. It is so petty and annoying.’

A spokesman for Chichester District Council said: ‘This particular bin contained a number of items of food and teabags, which is why the refuse collectors didn’t empty the bin. Over the past year, a number of our trucks have been turned away at the recycling plant because food and wet material has been found within the recycling collection. Just one bin load can affect the entire truck.’

‘On this occasion we have sent out another truck to collect the waste.’