Former builder took his own life, says coroner

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A FATHER-OF-TWO committed suicide after a long battle with depression.

Portsmouth’s coroner’s court heard James Parfitt was found dead in his garden shed on December 3 last year.

The 64-year-old former builder, of Icarus Place, Purbrook, had barricaded himself in the shed and stabbed 

He was found by his son Stephen, at 9.40am, after a call from his mother who was worried when she could not find her husband.

Coroner David Horsley was told Mr Parfitt had been on a methadone prescription for a long time because of historic drug problems, and had also suffered from depression. And his beloved pet dog had recently died.

His son said: ‘Once, after his dog died, I remember being in the car with him and, in one of those honest conversations, I asked him if he was going to do anything silly. He said no.’

But Detective Constable Simon Poulter said he was satisfied there was no one else involved in Mr Parfitt’s death.

Mr Horsley recorded a verdict that Mr Parfitt took his own life while depressed.

Addressing Mr Parfitt’s son he said: ‘All I can say is how awfully sorry I am that your dad has gone in this way.’