Former Portsmouth health boss Zenna Atkins under fire for posting ‘absolute filth’ on Facebook

Zenna Atkins pictured in 2007
Zenna Atkins pictured in 2007
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Former Portsmouth health boss Zenna Atkins has apologised after posting X-rated comments on the internet.

Ms Atkins, a former Channel 5 presenter who was chairwoman of Portsmouth’s NHS Primary Care Trust until 2007, was criticised by parents of children at a Brighton school where she is now the leading governor.

The Daily Mail reports that in one Facebook post, the 49-year-old boasted of offering to perform a sex act on a ‘very handsome man’, and in another posted a photograph of herself making a lewd gesture.

The newspaper said that Ms Atkins, who after leaving her Portsmouth health role was chairwoman of Ofsted for four years, had been accused by some parents at the Portslade Aldridge Community Academy of posting ‘absolute filth.’

Her Facebook site was public at the time, but has since been made private

Parents sent letters to the school, complaining about the comments and pictures on Ms Atkins’s Facebook page, said the Daily Mail.

The newspaper said that one letter said: ‘I find it appalling this lady has these things on her Facebook page for all to see, including students. I do not believe such a person should be in a position of authority.’

Ms Atkins, who lives in Southsea, said on her Twitter account: ‘I have inadvertently caused quite a stir today! If I have caused any offence by what I posted on FB then I am truly sorry.

‘Somehow my FB account settings went to public against my wishes. My jokes/comments were only meant to be seen by my friends.

‘My priority, is to support and improve the academy, and if any parents are concerned, please contact me via the school.’

A spokesman for the Aldridge Foundation said: ‘Neither the academy, the foundation, nor the local authority-nominated governor has received any complaint regarding this.

‘Zenna Atkins’ professional social network profile can be viewed publicly on LinkedIn. She has confirmed that her Facebook account is intended for a private network of close friends and family.

‘She and her fellow governors talk with parents on a regular basis and take their views very seriously.’