Foul language is condemned

I had many, and I mean many, e-mails from former HMS Ganges and HMS St Vincent boys agreeing with my thoughts about the swearing in the TV programme about the training of today's naval recruits at HMS Raleigh. Thank you all for writing.

Sunday, 1st May 2016, 6:00 am
HMS Ganges's former Main Gate.

One former Ganges boy, Kieran Abley, has asked me to put in a request to say that if there are any former boys from Frobisher 30 mess (89 Recruitment) then please contact him on [email protected].

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He also sent me this photo of the former main gate to HMS Ganges showing the remains of what was the mast. It is 40 years since a uniformed boy marched through there.

It’s heartbreaking for anyone, like me, who attended the establishment and remembers it as pristine.

What remains is to be demolished within the next month I am told.