Free coffee grounds on offer for garden use in Portsmouth

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LEFTOVERS from coffee making are being handed out for free from a Portsmouth coffee shop for use in gardens.

The Starbucks branch at Cascades Shopping Centre is giving away bags of nitrogen-rich coffee grounds, which manager Steve Attika said were effective and nutritional soil additives.

He said: ‘Adding used coffee grounds to soil apparently helps lower the acidity in the loam and it can really help improve soil.

‘Rather than throw our used coffee grounds out with the rubbish we are happy to save them and hand packages of it to any keen gardeners, free of charge of course, for use in their gardens.’

Cascades centre director Rhoda Joseph said: ‘What a wonderful idea. Hats off to Steve for thinking green like this.

‘The idea of one of our outlets handing out used coffee grounds to be used as a soil improver is wonderful and I’m sure it will work very well indeed.

‘It has to be better than throwing something useful out with the rubbish.’