Free fitness sessions on Southsea Common set up to encourage exercise regimes

TEAMWORK Participants in British Military Fitness sessions
TEAMWORK Participants in British Military Fitness sessions
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A survey carried out by British Military Fitness (BMF) revealed one in four people living in the UK gained weight over the summer months.

To help people in Portsmouth who may be a little exercise-shy, the BMF has organised free fitness sessions for novices living in the city.

The sessions are open to anyone who is looking to get in shape.

BMF trainers will meet with groups on Southsea Common this weekend to run them through a series of fun and interactive drills.

One of the leading providers in outdoor fitness, BMF knows how daunting it can be to start an exercise regime, and aims to encourage more people to take up some form of physical activity.

Managing director of BMF, Harry Sowerby, said: ‘Our aim is to bring people together to have fun whilst they get fit and improve their lifestyle.

‘We really want to motivate those shy of exercise to come down to the Common and give it a go.’

The BMF pride themselves on their tough-as-nails image, but are taking a softer approach to get more people interested in fitness.

‘We know how intimidating it can feel to return to exercise,’ added Mr Sowerby.

‘So we wanted to create a weekend where everyone was in the same boat and could re-start their exercise regime together as a group.’

The sessions will be led by members of the Armed Forces, who will tailor a training regime specifically for each individual.

People can train in pairs or in groups, with the sessions designed for complete fitness novices or those looking to make their exercise routine more effective.

Mr Sowerby said: ‘Our research shows that more than 43 per cent of people who exercise on their own stop after a couple of months. Compared to those who train in a group environment, the dropout rate is around six per cent.’

The free sessions will be run on Saturday, September 19. For more info visit