Friends of the Earth voice fears of potential repurcussions from fracking approval

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GREEN campaigners have said that the government’s decision to approve horizontal fracking will ‘feed the flames’ of companies trying to use the technique in the South Downs national park.

A landmark ruling was made for the UK shale gas industry yesterday after the government overturned Lancashire County Council’s refusal to allow shale gas extraction at two sites owned by energy company Cuadrilla.

Environmentalists have reacted angrily to the government’s decision following an appeal from Cuadrilla, with some fearing that it may have repercussions on sites throughout the country.

Brenda Pollack, south east regional campaigner for Friends of the Earth, slated the government’s ‘short-sighted’ verdict.

She said: ‘This short-sighted fracking decision shows our government 
is prepared to ride 
roughshod over local people’s wishes.

‘This is not just bad news for Lancashire, it could have a knock-on effect across the UK.

Brenda recently protested against UKOG’s application to drill horizontal wells for a 20-year oil extraction project at Markwells Wood, near Rowlands Castle.

‘We will continue to work with threatened communities around the country to stop fracking and other forms of oil and gas extraction’, she added.

‘Instead of keeping us hooked on climate-wrecking fossil fuels, the government should invest in more renewables and energy efficiency, and an energy sector fit for the challenges of the 21st century.’