Friends’ tearful tributes to ‘Barbie’ girl

Jasmine Allsop's hearse arrives at Saint John's Church, Forton Road, Gosport
Jasmine Allsop's hearse arrives at Saint John's Church, Forton Road, Gosport

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‘WE WERE all like sisters.’

These words were how many of Jasmine Allsop’s pals described their friendship with the 14-year-old who was laid to rest in a bright pink Barbie dress yesterday.

The Gosport teenager, who was killed alongside her best friend Olivia Lewry, 16, after being hit by a car earlier this month, had designed the dress for her prom.

Standing outside Saint John the Evangelist Church, in Forton Road, Gosport, Jasmine’s friends watched as her bright pink coffin arrived on a carriage drawn by two white horses, wearing white and pink feather-like headdresses.

Later as the horse-drawn carriage departed with the coffin, friends burst into a rendition of Aqua’s Barbie Girl, whooping and cheering.

They stayed to pay tribute to her after the service, which her family designed to reflect the teenager’s personality.

Katie Davis was a friend since the pair went to Brune Park Community School.

The 16-year-old said: ‘We were always together.

‘She will never be forgotten because she was unique.’

Chloe Hopwood, 16, of Peel Road, in Gosport, said Jasmine was part of a group of friends in the Forton area of Gosport.

She said: ‘We all used to hang about with each other.

‘There was a massive group of us in Forton.

‘We were all like sisters really, Olivia as well. She was one of us.

‘It has affected us really badly. We’re all distraught by it.’

And in testament to Jasmine’s popularity, friends and mum Rosemary Allsop, 37, had worked together to sew the 8,000 diamante on her ‘ultimate prom dress.’

The tearful friends wept but shone brightly as they wore pink clothes, with some having dyed their hair the same colour for the occasion.

Katie, who is close to Jasmine’s family, described the party at the end of the service, which saw the lights turned out and mourners wave glow sticks in the air, allowed them to celebrate.

She added: ‘It was perfect, everything that Jasmine wanted.

‘People were dancing, being happy instead of sitting there crying.

‘It was really good, we did it towards the end – so it was more like a happy feeling.

‘So instead of walking out all sad we were all happy.’

‘The horse drawn carriage was beautiful, she would have loved that.’

And she said the death had brought the friends together.

‘A lot of people are sending their support, we just want her family to know we’re here to support them,’ she said.

‘It’s brought us closer together. We’ve realised how short life is now.’

She is behind plans to hold a memorial music festival for Olivia and Jasmine on Monday at Brune Park.

Ayisha Foster, 16, was with Chloe and Katie yesterday.

She said: ‘We knew her from school and where we used to hang about together at Forton.

‘We all stuck together really – all like sisters.’

‘We all went our separate ways after school but this has happened and we all came closer together.’

Jasmine’s mum, Rosemary, went with family to Ann’s Hill Cemetery for a private burial after the service.

Jasmine leaves behind her sister Charlie, four, and brother Reece, 16.