Fruits of volunteers’ labour benefits whole community

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Although many people talk about the Big Society as though it is a new idea in Bedhampton it has been alive and kicking for many years.

Among the numerous flourishing groups that contribute to the community there is one in particular that deserves to be singled out.

Coming up to 10 years old, the Bedhampton Volunteers have done so much to improve the appearance of our area.

Ably led by Peter Spencer, there are 100 members, who all contribute in one way or another.

In 10 years they have planted more than 241,000 daffodil bulbs and now expect to plant 30,000 more each year – which all makes Bedhampton look spectacular every spring.

You only have to look at the entrance to Nursery Gardens to see the effect this can have.

Over the years they have created a number of new communal gardens, for example at the entrance to Chidham Park estate and near the Asda roundabout on Hulbert Road.

They also do preventive work, and when the old Bedhampton Arts Centre was lying empty they arranged for cars to be parked there, cut the grass and kept the place clean, all to deter vandalism.

Peter would like to expand scheme into nearby areas to enhance parts of Havant adjacent to Bedhampton.

It gives a real lift to people’s spirits and if Bedhampton can do it then let’s hope Peter is successful in rolling this out to other areas so more and more people can show the pride they have in their neighbourhood in a practical and striking way.

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