Fundraiser Anna Wardley sets off on epic swimming challenge

CHALLENGE Anna Wardley
CHALLENGE Anna Wardley
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COURAGEOUS swimmer Anna Wardley has set off on an epic challenge for charity.

The 37-year-old, of Gosport, began a 30-mile swim around the Isle of Tiree in Scotland at about 5.20am this morning.

Anna hopes to complete the feat in around 20 to 30 hours, which would set a new world record.

Her temperature is being monitored by a pill she’s swallowed that was made by the University of Portsmouth.

It transmits her temperature to equipment on a boat and the data is then going to studied by experts.

She aims to become the first person ever to swim around Tiree, the most westerly of the Inner Hebrides.

It’s the fourth island in her Five Island Swim Challenge and she is aiming to raise £50,000 for three charities; The Samaritans, Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust and Sail Africa.

She is well on her way to the target, having raised £42,000 already.

She’s swimming under British Long Distance Swimming Association rules, which means she’s just wearing a swimsuit, one hat and a pair of goggles.

The water temperature is 14C.

Although the island is only ten miles long and five miles wide, there are many reefs and rocks to avoid and her route will be longer so she can give those obstacles a wide berth. The tides, particularly through Gunna Sound towards the end of her swim, are tricky.

You can track Anna’s progress on the Yellowbrick tracker at It’s kept updated every ten minutes.

For Twitter updates from the support boat follow @annawardley or go to