Funeral firm kept in family for 150 years

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A firm of funeral directors which has kept it in the family for six generations is marking 150 years in business.

M Coghlan Ltd Funeral Directors in Fareham, has overseen thousands of funerals over the years and each time another family member has retired the company has been passed down the line.

John Coghlan is 82 now, but he is still occasionally involved in the business. It was his great great grandfather who started the business in 1861.

His son Richard, 52, has been working for the firm for 30 years, and last year his grandson Dan followed in his footsteps and joined the firm full time.

John said: 'It's pretty good. People are looking for family-run businesses. As far as I was concerned it was a foregone conclusion that I would work here. Richard grew up with it.

'You carry on and it's carried on the tradition over 150 years.'

Richard, said: 'It's amazing. I don't think there are many firms that old.

'I was never pressurised into it and we have never pressurised our son in to it. It's quite nice, there's a great sense of pride.

'It's nice that they want to come and help out.' Richard added that being a funeral director can be very rewarding.

'There's a satisfaction that you are helping people in their greatest need,' he said.

'You find out about things which you didn't know about their lives. It's fascinating listening to people's stories.'

Dan, 24, joined the firm in September 2010.

'When I was at college I had a day's release here. That was quite nice to see,' he said.

'Before, I didn't know what my dad did. I knew that he was a funeral director but I didn't know what it entailed.

'I have been in other jobs but I keep coming back. We get to help the families through the day, which I think is really important.'