Futuristic electric cars showcased at Portsmouth event supporting Clean Air Day

THEY are the future.Environmentally friendly electric cars – costing a fraction of petrol and diesel cars to run – were showcased at the Low Carbon Transport Exhibition 2019 in all their glory in support of Clean Air Day.

Thursday, 20th June 2019, 1:11 pm
Updated Thursday, 20th June 2019, 4:44 pm
Tesla Model S supporting Clean Air Day

iConnectiCity spearheaded the electric vehicle event at Lakeside, North Harbour, to drive a push in using electric vehicles by businesses to help improve air quality in Portsmouth.

It comes amid a ministerial directive to improve air quality by October while city councillors urge people to adopt measures to reduce pollution – with warnings mooted over charges to driving old cars.

Nancy Muhwati, founder of iConnectiCity, said: ‘We’re looking to encourage more businesses to use environmentally friendly electric vehicles.

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‘We hope businesses will see the benefit of using the cars which include a reduction in fuel cost and air pollution. We hope to try and promote more corporate responsibility about the environment.

‘We hope to break down some of the misconceptions that exist including over charging of the vehicles for long distances and what happens when the battery has run out. We want businesses to have more charging points and hope there will be more off-road charging points.’

Leader of Portsmouth City Council Gerald Vernon-Jackson, who rode his bike to the event from Southsea and is now considering buying an electric car, said: ‘Air pollution is bad and something better must be done to improve things. At the moment we are not finding the solution fast enough especially with the government likely to impose charges on older cars.

‘A move to electric vehicles should be encouraged and we need to find ways of helping this to happen by using technology to resolve problems without affecting jobs in the city.’

Robert Sharpe, of Evergreen Consulting, said: ‘There are challenges with using electric cars but having more charging points at businesses and on streets would remove some of the barriers.’

Pete Matheson, managing director of Fareham business Tekkers IT Solutions, whose company leases two Tesla Model S cars, said: ‘They are more expensive cars but are much lower to run. They cost £5 - £7 to run 200 miles compared to £60 - £70 for a petrol car.’

A Renault ZOE was also on display alongside the Tesla.

iConnectiCity is supporting Green GB Week in November to champion the reduction in carbon emissions.