Gas back on after Fareham leak leads to evacuation

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RESIDENTS have been reassured that a gas leak which meant people had to be avacuated from their homes has been fixed.

Police, firefighters and Southern Gas Networks workers were called to Beaconsfield Road in Fareham at 11am on Wednesday after reports of a leak found coming from a pipe outside a property.

The leak caused a fire and 15 residents had to evacuate their properties for safety reasons. The road was also closed to traffic.

Firefighters from Fareham used dry powder to extinguish the fire. The leak was made safe and repaired and residents were allowed back into their homes at 3pm on Wednesday.

On investigation it was discovered that the leak was a fractured main caused by road works. Laura Varney, spokeswoman for Southern Gas Networks, said: ‘As soon as the call came in, we had emergency engineers out to investigate and repair the gas leak.

‘We apologise for any inconvenience caused but finding a gas leak and making it safe is our number one priority.’