Generous gifts are on their way to help the poor living in Kenya

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Cllr Hannah Hockaday

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SCORES of boxes filled with gifts are on their way to an underprivileged community in Kenya.

Generous people across the area answered an appeal by the Portsmouth branch of The Salvation Army for hand-powered tools, sewing machines, musical instruments and other items for the young people in Kyamutwoi.

The small village, which is twinned with the Portsmouth Citadel, Lake Road, Landport, is desperate for equipment to provide education for under 18s.

Mark Wheeler, who leads the church’s partnership team, said: ‘The boys’ block has been condemned due to rotting timbers, lack of sanitation and because the roof lifted in winds. Looking at the building, you wouldn’t want to allow an animal to use it, let alone young boys. The girls’ block hasn’t fared much better, although their roof is fixed on, they to have the same problems of running sewage in the block as well as lack of light or comfort.’

But thanks to donations a 40ft container with resources has been sent over to Kenya. There are also plans to raise £5,000 in order to build a new accommodation block for the pupils. Work had begun two years ago, but due to lack of funds the project has been halted.

‘These donations will help make an immediate difference to the lives of these young people,’ added Mark.

To make a donation send a cheque made payable to The Salvation Army to The Salvation Army Kyamutwoi Polytechnic Appeal, The Haven Community Centre, Lake Road, Portsmouth, PO1 4HA.