Get to know our finned friends of the sea

Picture: Steve Deeks

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VISITORS to Portsmouth’s Blue Reef Aquarium can find out all about the amazing world of sharks and why they need our help to survive.

The Southsea attraction is hosting UK-based shark conservation charity Fin Fighters, from Friday until Monday, August 10.

The organisation’s mission is to protect sharks worldwide and end the sale and distribution of shark fins in the UK by 2023.

There will be free activities in the aquarium’s school room for children throughout the day, including colouring, word searches and the chance to become a ‘fin-friend’.

Blue Reef’s Hannah Butt said: ‘This event is all about raising awareness of sharks and trying to change people’s perceptions of these magnificent fish.

‘Despite their terrifying reputation, sharks are actually far more at risk from us than we are from them, with literally millions being killed.’