Ghana trip will broaden their horizons

The Project G team of young people met the Bishop of Ho when he came to visit Portsmouth last month
The Project G team of young people met the Bishop of Ho when he came to visit Portsmouth last month
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There’s an air of excitement and anticipation in our church, as a team of young people are heading off for a life-changing adventure in Ghana this summer.

The dozen or so young people from Portsmouth includes three from the congregation at St James’ Church in Milton.

They’ll be decorating a classroom for children who have special needs, working alongside local Ghanaians as part of a unique cross-cultural opportunity.

They’ll also get the chance to offer sports and games to Ghanaian children.

The teenagers from Portsmouth deanery will be visiting St George’s Anglican School campus in eastern Ghana.

This is part of the link between Anglican churches in Portsmouth and the Anglican Diocese of Ho.

They will be in Ghana for a couple of weeks at the end of July and the start of August, in a trip that aims to broaden their horizons and deepen their discipleship.

It is very unusual for there to be provision for children with special needs in a school in Ghana, so the team want to make the classroom as attractive as possible for these children.

They’ll be decorating until 2pm each day, then offering sports and games to any of the children who want to stay on.

The ‘Ghana 3’ from our church are Eleanor Ferris,15, Ben Wilkins, 16, and Megan Wade, 17.

They have been very active in promoting their trip 
and raising funds in our church.

They each need to pay for their own air fare and expenses.

So they’ve been offering to wash and valet cars for members of our congregation as they relax in our church hall with cakes from the cake stall that they have also provided.

It’s just one of their many ideas to raise funds for the trip.

The team, who have christened themselves ‘Project G’, will also be raising money to help fund their trip at the Love Southsea Market on March 5 and 6.

They’ll be sponsored to cycle the 1,400km to Ghana on static exercise bikes, and running tombola and other fundraising stalls in Southsea shopping precinct.

Do come and say hello to them and ask them about their trip.

And please help them to raise the funds they need to help others.

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