Giant eggs: Sean’s cracked it again!

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IT is a phenomenon seen in just one in every 6,000 eggs laid.

But now it’s happened to Sean Wilson’s chickens four times.

The stunned 41-year-old, from Waterlooville, made headlines around the world last month and clocked up more than two million YouTube hits when he cracked open a huge egg to find another one within it.

Sean Wilson

Sean Wilson

Since then it’s happened three more times.

Sean, a dad of two who owns a clearance firm, said: ‘I don’t know what it is. It’s nothing environmental because this land hadn’t been touched for 20 years when I moved in and it’s very organic.

‘I can only think they weren’t happy before and that’s why they wouldn’t lay before Christmas.

‘Now I’ve moved them and I’m getting at least three a day. The other day there were six. ‘What I really want is an egg just as big but with five or six yolks in. That would be brilliant.’

Sean videoed himself cracking open the latest egg with his daughters Mimi and Star at their home in Roundway.

Since he uploaded the video of the first egg on January 18 the site has had two million views and made the news across the globe, including CNN, in America.

But some people have questioned whether the eggs are even real.

Sean said: ‘The video has had about 7,000 comments and lots and lots of people are saying it’s fake.

‘But it’s obvious it isn’t. That’s why we filmed it. After we cracked the last one open I made a delicious chorizo frittata with a recipe I’ve adapted over the years.

‘I’ve even got a new nickname, everywhere I go people call me Egg Man Sean.’