Gibraltar body is not missing sailor

POLICE officers digging for the body of missing teenage sailor Simon Parkes today unearthed a set of human remains.

But this morning's grisly find, at the Botanical Gardens in Gibraltar, was not the body of the 18-year-old radio operator.

Dental records were examined at the site of the dig and police were able to quickly confirm the remains were not those of Simon Parkes.

Now Royal Gibraltar Police are launching further inquiries to find out more about the body. They will also be conducting a series of scientific tests to find out how old the bones are and how long they have been buried.

Parts of the Botanical Gardens in Gibraltar were used many years ago as a cemetery, which was relocated in recent years.

The case of Simon's disappearance in Gibraltar in 1986 was re-opened after petty officer Alan Grimson was jailed for murdering two teenagers last year.

Simon Parkes went missing while serving in HMS Illustrious Grimson was on the ship at the same time.

Hampshire officers are working alongside Gibraltar colleagues started digging on the rock after interviewing Grimson in prison.

Grimson, was jailed for butchering naval rating Nicholas Wright, 18, and barman Sion Jenkins.

Police are still appealing for anyone who knows anything about Simon's disappearance or were in Gibraltar at the time he vanished to contact them in the Operation Thornhill incident room on 0845 0454545.