Gill’s got chapter and verse on a new Bible

IT'S GOSPEL Gill Cross with nephews Matthew, 12 and Thomas, nine.    Picture: Sarah Standing  (113009-1212)
IT'S GOSPEL Gill Cross with nephews Matthew, 12 and Thomas, nine. Picture: Sarah Standing (113009-1212)
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GILL Cross and her nephews have got the write stuff – they’re helping to pen a Bible that will be given to the Queen.

Gill was joined by Matthew and Thomas Hodges-Gilbert as she wrote out two verses of the ‘People’s Bible’ on Cosham yesterday.

She copied Luke Chapter 4, verses 46 and 47 using a special electronic ‘scribe-pod’ at Cosham Baptist Church, Havant Road.

Gill, 69, is among hundreds of people from across the country who are contributing to a handwritten version of the good book to mark 400 years of the Bible’s King James version.

The scribe-pods have a pen with a camera which electronically captures the writing.

The passages are added together and the completed book will be presented to the Queen. The verse writing session was due to take place in Cosham High Street, but was moved to the church because of rain.

Gill, of The Brow, Widley, has been a member of Christ Church Portsdown, London Road, Waterlooville, for almost four decades.

She said: ‘I read the Bible every day. It’s meaningful to me and helps me set my standards for life. It’s absolutely great that I’ve been able to be a part of this.

‘I’m happy with the ones I got because they’re some of the most important.’

The People’s Bible, created by the Bible Society, will go to The Queen in November. An online version will be available.

Portsmouth representative of the Bible Society David Treagust said: ‘The response was great.

‘We had a couple of hundred Bible verses that have been written in this session.

‘The idea is the Bible isn’t just left on the shelf, but it’s the peoples’ Bible and it’s available to everyone.’

David Fowler, church warden for Christ Church Portsdown, said: ‘It was terrific to see this so well supported.

‘The great thing about the King James’ version of the Bible is that it became available for Joe Public, it was for everyone and not just the very rich.’

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