Girl, 12, stuck in swing

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A 12-YEAR-OLD girl was freed from a baby swing after climbing in and becoming stuck.

The youngster had been playing in a park off St Nicholas’ Road, in Havant.

The 12-year-old then climbed into a swing designed for babies, and became stuck.

One crew from Havant fire station was called to rescue the girl.

Firefighters used a ladder to lift the girl out of the swing.

The incident happened at 1.30pm yesterday.

Watch manager Martyn Elliott said that this was the second time this type of rescue has taken place in recent days.

He said: ‘We used a ladder to go up, and then pulled the girl free.

‘She had obviously got into the seat, but then found difficulty getting out.

‘We try to avoid cutting the swing, as this damages the equipment and needs repairing.

‘We would advise to leave the baby swings for babies, and that others use adult swings.’

The girl was not injured in the incident.