Girl sickened after finding hairy lump in mum’s lasagne

BAD TASTE Trudy Stock with daughter Shani. Picture: Ian Hargreaves (13611-2)
BAD TASTE Trudy Stock with daughter Shani. Picture: Ian Hargreaves (13611-2)
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SHOCKED Shani Stock was horrified when she was eating her mum’s homemade lasagne and found a grisly hairy lump lurking inside.

The seven-year-old immediately pushed her plate away and refused to eat another bite of the meal – made with a £3 bag of frozen mince from Iceland.

The item found in Iceland frozen mince

The item found in Iceland frozen mince

Mum Trudy, 29, of Grove Road in Elson, Gosport is concerned as her daughter, already a fussy eater, now refuses to eat much else apart from crisps and picks through any meals she does agree to eat.

Shani, a year two pupil at Orchard Lea Infant School in Fareham, says she has suffered nightmares over her shock discovery.

She said: ‘I felt sick when I saw it – I can’t eat my dinner properly now.’

Iceland has investigated and sent Trudy £30 of vouchers.

Representatives from the firm told her the product will be investigated.

Trudy said: ‘I thought it was a spider – the way it was in the mince.

‘It wasn’t until my auntie wiped it off that we saw it properly.

‘It’s completely traumatised her now, if it was me I wouldn’t be bothered so much.

‘She was in buckets of tears. She was enjoying it until she found that and burst out crying.’

Trudy saved the item, which Iceland says is thought to be part of a cow’s hind, and returned it to the store in Walpole Road, Gosport.

Staff at the store disposed of it and did not send it away to be tested.

Trudy said the item must have come from the bag of mince and is disappointed it has taken this long to get a response from the supermarket chain.

She said: ‘I buy frozen mince as my daughter doesn’t like fresh for some reason.

‘Now she won’t eat any mince at all.

‘Anything I cook she asks “mum has it got anything it?” and is rummaging around in it.’

Trudy made Shani a separate dinner to the rest of the family, using only pasta and a cheese sauce.

A spokeswoman from Iceland apologised.

‘We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused to the customer and we’ll be contacting her to agree a suitable gesture of goodwill,’ she said.

‘We hope it won’t happen again and it is something we will pick up with the supplier.

‘It would just go down as a foreign body and be something that the supplier would then need to pick up, rather than us decipher it.’