Give unwanted furniture to help council’s scheme

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A COUNCIL is hoping to encourage people to reuse their unwanted furniture and give it to families in need to alleviate dependency on pay day loans and to reduce fly tipping.

Hampshire County Council has set up the Hampshire Future Reuse Network to give people in need furniture, potentially reducing high-cost borrowing and loan repayment schemes, which often lead to financial hardship.

Executive member for adult social care, Cllr Liz Fairhurst, said: ‘This is an excellent way of helping people access affordable, high-quality, essential and desirable items during times of hardship and to reduce their dependency on taking out loans.

‘Organisations who provide support to vulnerable people are encouraged to get in touch to find out how they can access the network to support the people they work with.

‘Residents can also donate their unwanted items to the network.’

It is hoped the scheme will boost the economy by employing local organisations, as well as providing an easy way for people to get rid of unwanted furniture, leading to less fly-tipping.

For more information about the Hampshire Future Reuse Network and to donate an item of furniture or an electrical or white good, as well as finding out about a collection or drop off location, go to

For organisations which would like to get involved call 01962 847218 or email