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Fareham Community Hospital in Salisbury Green

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PEOPLE are being asked to take part in a consultation about cutting money from the budget that provides trips for disabled children.

Hampshire County Council wants to change the breaks it offers as it needs to save cash.

The short break scheme is open to young people with a disability and their families.

The council is considering asking parents to pay more towards short breaks, limiting the number of breaks per family and introducing eligibility criteria.

Cllr Keith Mans, Hampshire County Council’s executive lead member for children’s services said: ‘As much as we would like to, we cannot sustain the current level of funding and at the same time meet our obligation to provide statutory services such as safeguarding.’

Children’s services needs to see £26m shaved off its budget by 2015 and the aim is to find between £2.5m and £3.5m of that from disabled children’s services. The council wants to cut £1.85m with the changes to short breaks, from the disabled children’s budget of £19.7m. See