Giving permission to speak about death

Lyn Comerford
Lyn Comerford

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The Church of the Resurrection is holding a special event to get people talking about death and funerals

A CHURCH is creating a café space to get people talking about death after being inspired by the national launch of Grave Talk in Portsmouth Cathedral.

Grave Talk – a café space to talk about death, dying and funerals – will be held at The Church of the Resurrection in Penrhyn Ave, Drayton on Sunday, October 11 from 11.30am-1.30pm.

The church will be laid out in a café style.

A light lunch will be served and people will be encouraged to use questions from a pack of Grave Talk cards to start talking about something that is a taboo subject in society today.

The Rev Lyn Comerford, assistant curate at Farlington, said: ‘Some of us went along to the Grave Talk café at the cathedral and it might surprise you to hear that it wasn’t a sad and morbid experience but really interesting to hear people’s experiences.

‘Death is something that we simply don’t talk about as a society and I feel it is so important that we do.

‘As a priest, I know the practical and emotional difficulties faced by bereaved families who haven’t had those conversations with their loved ones before they died and so are often left paralysed by the decisions that they have to make after their death.

‘The Grave Talk questions are really good.

‘There are lots of open questions such as how you’d like to be remembered, what you’d like at your funeral, or what you think about woodland burials or roadside shrines.

‘Our hope is that by 
creating a relaxed and informal space for open conversation, it will almost give people permission to speak about death.

I really feel that this will encourage people to think about dying and to get some kind of plan in place for something that is going to happen to all of us one day.’

The Grave Talk questions were developed by the Rev Belinda Davies, Vicar of 
St George’s Church in Portsea.