Glimpse of the past as The Hard's glory days return

The bus station at The Hard, Portsmouth. has been demolished and a new construction and layout is being built.

Monday, 14th March 2016, 6:00 am
Trolleybuses line up three abreast at The Hard, pre-1963

This means the old hardstanding on The Hard outside the naval base is being used once again for buses.

In the old days, when you boarded a bus from outside of the area, you would tell the conductor your destination was either ‘Dockyard Main Gate’ or ‘The Hard’. Either request would get you the correct ticket.

I suppose nowadays it would be ‘Harbour station’ or ‘Heritage Dockyard, please’.

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Modern single deckers once again line up at The Hard.

In the days of trams and trolleybuses the vehicles could stand three abreast on The Hard outside the Ship Anson pub.

With the building of the new bus station covering the mudflats alongside the Harbour station in the late 1970s, the stand became redundant and the pavement was widened.

Here we are again once more with buses dropping off and picking from a very historic ‘bus place’ in the city.

Modern single deckers once again line up at The Hard.