Good samaritan in mud rescue thanked

THANKS The rescue.  ''Picture: Steve Reid (122062-135)
THANKS The rescue. ''Picture: Steve Reid (122062-135)
South Parade Pier flying the flag of St George today Picture: Debz Croker

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THE mother of one of the girls rescued from mud flats has thanked those who alerted the emergency services.

The woman, who does not want to be identified, said the first she knew about the dramatic rescue operation, on Sunday afternoon, was when a paramedic called her.

Dozens of paramedics, firefighters, police and coastguards joined the mission which began at 1.45pm just off the Eastern Road, Milton, when the girls wandered about 300ft off the shore and got stuck.

‘They are both fine and were out of hospital about an hour after they were taken in,’ said the mother. ‘They were very cold and concerned about how much inconvenience they caused everybody because of their own stupidity.

‘My daughter has been told enough times about going crabbing and not to go near the mud because she will sink.

‘What they did was pure stupidity and they risked two lives.

‘I would like to warn other parents to make their children aware how dangerous it is.’

The mother said both the 11-year-old girls have been read the riot act by their parents and grounded.

The families would like to thank the passer-by who contacted firefighters.

The mother added: ‘Some people would just have turned a blind eye.’

Contact our reporter on (023) 9249 2444 if you were the good samaritan.