Gosfest saga is back in court after appeal

A big crowd watches Pick Floyd at  Gosfest
A big crowd watches Pick Floyd at Gosfest
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THREE businessmen who went to court over unpaid bills from a music festival could end up before a judge as one of them wants to appeal the case.

Paul Cobb, of Gosport Festivals Ltd, was warring with former co-festival organiser Dave Smith over the Gosfest event held in Gosport in the summer of 2013.

Both Mr Cobb and Mr Smith had sued each other, with a judge ultimately ordering Mr Smith to pay his former friend £12,000.

An equipment supplier, Barry Newby, of Yorkshire firm Dezign Audio, was owed £7,133 and the judge ordered Mr Cobb’s firm to pay him. Now Mr Cobb has won a stay on that judgement from judge Iain Hughes QC who has given him until January 9 to provide documents to court.

Mr Smith, of St Thomas’s Road, Gosport, said: ‘What he (Mr Cobb) is trying to do is say he’s still not responsible. How he can say that I don’t have a clue.

‘It means that we’re back two years to where we started from. It never ends for me. It’s made me quite ill.’

The stay means district judge Charles Ackroyd’s judgement ordering Mr Cobb’s firm to pay Mr Newby is on hold.

Mr Cobb argues that Mr Smith contracted Dezign Audio – but the previous trial judge found Mr Smith was acting as an agent for Gosport Festivals Ltd.

Mr Cobb said: ‘I will win the appeal. We were happy with the court result. It was a win but it was a partial win. The legal adviser felt Mr Smith made a contract before I was on the scene – how could I be responsible?’

As previously reported, Mr Cobb’s barrister Darren Bartlett argued Mr Smith contracted Dezign but the judge said he was Gosport Festivals Ltd’s agent.

The court had heard Mr Smith’s claim included £2,000 for band riders playing at the festival – but it could only be proved in court that he spent £60 on food for the band The Hoosiers.

Mr Hughes has ordered transcripts of the hearings be sent to him so he can consider an application for an appeal.

Tickets are already on sale for GosFest 2015, with organisers hoping it will be held in Walpole Park in Gosport.